Bands unite for Willapalooza Benefit for Willa Stein | Music

Bands unite for Willapalooza Benefit for Willa Stein


A variety of local bands are coming together for “Willapalooza” to lend support to longtime local artist Willa Stein. 

A photographer who has lived in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights neighborhood for the past 24 years, Stein was diagnosed with Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma, a form of uterine cancer. Within three days she was in the hospital and having surgery. She now faces an extensive—and expensive—series of treatments.

David Burney, the lead singer for the Johnny Folsom 4, heard about Stein’s situation and suggested having a fundraiser. From there, the urge to help spread through the musical community and there are now a dozen or so performers taking part.

Willapalooza is taking place at 420 S. Dawson St. on Saturday, June 14, on two stages. One stage will be acoustic sets and the other electric. Performers who are scheduled to play include Burney’s Johnny Folsom 4, Road Trip, the Lauren Nicole Band, Milagro Saints, Sad Magzine, Jeffro, the Chrystal Dail Leonard Duo, Caroline Mamoulides, Steve Howell, the Gravy Boys and several more. The music should start about 1:30 p.m. with the last band hitting the stage at 10 p.m.

Along with the music, Stein will have a new photo exhibition on view. (Click to check out more of Stein’s work ) Food and drink will be available as well.

There is no set ticket price. The event’s organizers are requesting that you make a donation at the door, or you can donate online.

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