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Video: Mary Gauthier rewards the brave


"Thank you for braving the frightening weather," Mary Gauthier told the crowd during a recent set at the Cat's Cradle Back Room. Before the show, tornado warnings had sounded throughout the Triangle. Still, umbrellas in hand, a surprising number of faithful braved the downpour and filed into the room's comfortable confines, grabbing a drink and a seat for the 90-minute performance.

Gauthier started with "False From True," a cut from her upcoming Trouble and Love. The album is only the eighth from the 52-year-old singer-songwriter, who began her career at age 40. Gauthier played a tune co-written by Canadian singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith. As Gauthier said, Eaglesmith's style is very visual; his co-write on "Between the Daylight and the Dark" plays out as a musical motion picture. She followed with one written only by Eaglesmith, "Number 29 (The Rocket)," a sad tale of a war veteran sitting at the train station. Gauthier discussed her recent success with another co-written song—this time with Gretchen Peters on the hit show, Nashville. Her song "How You Learn To Live Alone" was featured on the show.

These co-writers have clearly influenced Gauthier's own writing: She dipped further into her forthcoming offering, playing the title track, "Trouble and Love," crowd favorite "When a Woman Goes Cold" and "Another Train." That last one ties together two timeless subjects by proclaiming that, when love fails, another train is coming just around the corner.

Mary Gauthier, "Trouble and Love"

Mary Gauthier, "When a Woman Goes Cold"

Mary Gauthier, "Mercy Now"

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