NASA Space Universe descends on Raleigh tonight | Music

NASA Space Universe descends on Raleigh tonight



For all its familiar ingredients—manic vocals, bludgeoning riffs that punch through walls of feedback, a belligerent rhythm section that lunges in fits as much as it keeps a backbeat—the Santa Ana, Calif. foursome NASA Space Universe don’t sound much like a typical hardcore band. Their scuzz-splattered aesthetic feels as much in line with The Urinals or the infamous Chicago band The Mentally Ill, while frontman Kevin Rhea’s frantic barks often favor Bad Brains’ H.R. and the tense, abrupt transitions between riffs recall Die Kreuzen’s abstract arrangements. They’re not prone to slowed-down mosh parts, but they’ve got a knack for whipping up a melee. Tonight, they’ll top a bill that also features the caveman stomp of Raleigh garage kings Black Zinfandel, plus the new bands Bandages—featuring members of Double Negative, Pollution and Future Binds—and Animal Chin. Doors open at 9 at Nice Price Books in Raleigh. Pay $7 at the door. —Bryan C. Reed

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