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Merge Records to release new Flesh Wounds EP in May


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Chapel Hill garage-rock trio Flesh Wounds recently teased their forthcoming debut LP by posting three new songs online. In May, just ahead of the album’s release, the band will issue another set of tracks, this time pressed onto wax by indie powerhouse Merge Records

This isn’t the first time Merge has picked up a scrappy local band for a single in recent memory; they released the debut EP from Raleigh’s Barren Girls a year ago. Unlike the then brand-new Barren Girls, though, Flesh Wounds have prior releases to their name. Their Abrasions, Abcesses, and Amputations cassette, from 2012, introduced the trio’s raw and rowdy garage-punk to local audiences, their interest already piqued by the band’s history in The Moaners, Last Year’s Men, Future Kings of Nowhere and Los Naturales.

“Bitter Boy,” the forthcoming EP’s A-side, actually appeared in a rawer, less articulated form on Abrasions. For the single’s re-recorded, drummer Laura King drives the fuzzy caterwaul of guitarists Montgomery Morris and Dan Kinney. Morris’ blustery vocals manage to find a niche between Oblivians-era Greg Cartwright and Guitar Wolf’s Seiji without sacrificing his Tar Heel twang.

“Bitter Boy” arrives May 13, backed with “Kennel Cough” and “Let Me Be Clear.” You can stream the A-side below and pre-order the EP here.  


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