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Video Premiere: Wild Fur's “Big, Long Line”



Wild Fur is a new collaboration between Wylie Hunter and Nick Jaeger. A studio project that stemmed from demo sessions for Hunter’s other band, Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores, the group explores somewhat new sonic territory for the two artists. Synths, organs and bob-your-head beats steal the spotlight from sunny ’60s guitars and bar-worn lyrics. Hunter’s warm drawl remains as the centerpiece, but the anthemic songwriter approach is downplayed.

That shift was all a part of the plan, says Hunter: “I felt like getting a fresh start was the best way to get people to listen to it with new ears. If it were under the Cazadores banner, I feel like you would have had to take it with all of the rest.” For Hunter, the new name offers freedom to serve the songs instead of the band’s genre constraints. “Forget who we are. This is the music that we’re making,” he adds.

Thus far the band’s only released a handful of tracks online: “Keep the Band I” on Speakers in Code and “St. Gloria” on The Bottom String among them. A proper debut release is likely for the New Year; in the meantime, enjoy the new video by the team at Creato Destructo

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