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UNC-Chapel Hill's Wilson Library Launches Tumblr



Kennedy visits Carolina - COURTESY OF UNC'S WILSON LIBRARY
  • Courtesy of UNC's Wilson Library
  • Kennedy visits Carolina

Keep a keen eye out, Lively Morgue, UNC’s got old photos, too! With a just-launched Tumblr, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Wilson Library is getting in the online content game. The material will be pulled from the North Carolina Collection, Rare Book Collection, Southern Folklife Collection, Southern Historical Collection and University Archives and Management Services, as well as digital initiatives like the NC Digital Heritage Center.

“Each of those entities has its own suite of social media outlets—they’re all on Facebook, each has a Wordpress blog, some are on Twitter. But until now, there was no one unified social media presence that represented the entire special collections library,” says Emily Jack, a Digital Projects and Outreach Librarian who is in charge of the project.

Only a few posts in, the Tumblr is already showing great diversity. There are black and white 35mm photos of Mike Seeger, Bob Yellin, and Ralph Rinzler jamming in Washington Square. There’s an animated 19th-century stereographic GIF, handwritten “Ode to a Roast Pig,” and even a snapshot of UNC’s 1997 website.

"It's one of many ways for people to connect with the UNC Library via social media, but it brings something unique to the table,” says Jack, “Our goal is to peel back the curtain and show what makes the special collections so special.”

Visit Wilson Special Collections Library Tumblr here or consider the live-action tour.

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