Videos: Friday night at Shakori Hills | Music

Videos: Friday night at Shakori Hills


Last weekend saw the year's second running of the biannual Shakro Hills GrassRoots Festival in Chatham County. Below, check some video of some of our favorite sets from Friday night.

Keith Secola & His Wild Band of Indians

A Shakori Hills regular, Keith Secola took to the Carson's Grove Stage with a few members of festival host Donna the Buffalo. These were not the only guests to join Secola, though: The self-described "Father of Native Americana" began his set with a groove-heavy tune. Soon enough, an elaborate team of Native American dancers joined him. Dressed in colorful outfits, they took center stage as Secola and Jeb Puryear exchanged guitar licks and worked through an untitled number about the unity of nations and people.

Auxiliary House, "Duck Song"

From the rotating cast of friends that make up Trekky Records came a reunited Auxiliary House. Bringing a large number of performers to the Cabaret Stage, the group offered its strange, fun dance songs. Before the set even started, Emma Nadeau suggested that the seated crowd members might want to consider standing. Puzzled, the crowd complied, not sure what they were about to witness. By the second song, revelers were actually coming out of the woods; by the last song, the crowd was in a frenzy.

Brett Harris, "I Found Out"

Performing with a full band at the Cabaret Tent, Brett Harris played a powerful set, slowly reeling in more and more onlookers. The performance included several new numbers from an album he is currently recording with Jeff Crawford at Arbor Ridge Studios. Below is a song from his last release, Man of Few Words.

Peter Lamb and the Wolves, "Spiderman"

Playing a song from their recently released album Humble Pie, Peter Lamb and the Wolves had the Dance Tent moving early on Friday evening. They offered everything from covers of Little Richard to a string of salsa instrumentals.

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