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Tonight at Neptune's: Surprises in store from Jeb Bishop and Jaap Blonk



Muzikaret (Rubber Music) by Jaap Blonk from Stephen Malagodi on Vimeo.

Tonight at Neptune’s in Raleigh, noted trombonist Jeb Bishop and Dutch artist/writer/musician Jaap Blonk will perform together. Aside from that, though, we’re not entirely sure what to expect.

Bishop is a reliably adventurous improviser who has helped ferry a variety of avant-improv talent through the Triangle since moving back to Chapel Hill last year; his extensive jazz résumé is highlighted by collaborations with improv luminaries such as Ken Vandermark and Peter Brötzmann. Blonk, however, is something of a wild card. The restless Dutchman is perhaps most known for his sound poetry—wordless recitations that retain a sense of literary lyricism despite the non-semantic approach. But he’s also a noteworthy electronics improviser, a writer and composer, a lecturer and a performance artist.

In an interview with the Orlando Weekly earlier this month, Blonk promised some combination of all of his roles on this tour with Bishop: “Performances will indeed vary in character. Some will be completely improvised; some will include set pieces. … Some will be closer to sound poetry, others will be just music, [and] there will be some lectures also.”

Whichever shape tonight’s performance takes, however, it promises to be a challenging and compelling experiment from two artists defined by their willingness to take risks. The show starts at 8 p.m. in Neptune's (beneath Kings), and donations are requested.

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