Video: Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers at Local 506 | Music

Video: Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers at Local 506



Saturday night, Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers returned to Local 506 in Chapel Hill for the first time in many years. Cooley reminisced on his time living in Durham and the plethora of songs he had written and first played out in the Triangle. Throughout the evening, he picked his way through 20-plus songs in his deep catalog of contributions to the Drive-By Truckers. Some were quickly identifiable during the introduction, while many had been given new arrangements. Cooley displayed ninja-like skills to ignore a rowdy crowd in the front row; they constantly tried to talk to him and yell out song requests.

In the end, everyone got what they came for—an up-close look at a brilliant body of work sometimes lost behind a wall of muddy vocals and roaring guitars.

Below are a few clips from the evening, including a few stories from Cooley's time in the Triangle.

"Loaded Gun in the Closet"

"Zip City"


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