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Simple Music Video Series: Old Quarter's "Wolves"



Today's session features Old Quarter, a band that, despite having released only one EP to date, is one of the more promising groups in the Triangle.

Old Quarter carries the alt-country torch, so we didn't dream of doing this acoustic session anywhere but Slim's. Old Quarter's sound combines some of the best elements of traditional country with a rock 'n' roll propulsion, putting them in the same conversation that includes The Backsliders and American Aquarium.

With only an EP out, they've got a lot further to go to stay in that conversation, of course. At least there's a full-length album planned for later this year. "We have plenty of songs. Just have to work them out and figure out financials for recording," says frontman John Massengill. "We're shooting to hit the studio in the early spring."

Old Quarter will be at Kings tonight, Feb. 1, along with Chip Robinson and The Cousins. They'll make their Durham debut at Casbah Feb. 7, with Elonzo and Octopus Jones.

Until then, here is "Wolves" from their EP, Live Oak.

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