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Live: See The Toddlers' private Kickstarter concert



Friday at Local 506, The Toddlers hosted a private concert to reward their Kickstarter contributors. Opening the evening was Ari Picker & friends, running through a brief set of cover songs. The Lost in the Trees frontman also mentioned a solo project he will be releasing in the future.

The Toddlers subsequently took the stage, unleashing their brand of spacey melodies that include menacing and, at times, frantic tones. They offered a number of new tunes from the EP and a few others previously released on 7" singles. Finally hearing "Starlight" as it should be played to an attentive audience was a pleasure. It's a simple tune, but delivered with Nathan Toben's eerie vocals, it conveys an impending sense of doom conveyed with nearly a whisper. As the evening continued, the group worked through a number of new songs, with Ellis Anderson and Noah Dehmer locking in the drums and bass while Missy Thangs added keys while dancing in near darkness. The group provided a large spread of BBQ from The Pit and also gave out download cards for their EP, 19, to be released at Kings Barcade February 22.

This was quite the return on a Kickstarter investment. Above and below are two songs from 19, "Hold On" and "Independence Day."

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