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Some Army releases video, works on LP for 2013



SOME ARMY, 2013 from Adam Graetz on Vimeo.

Some Army—the new songwriting outlet of The Honored Guests' Russell Baggett—debuted with a strong 2012. Starting with a three-song 7-inch early in the year, the outfit expanded it into a seven-song EP of striking, melancholic folk-rock. Lush, reverb-heavy textures deepen the bleary-eyed heartbreak that powers Baggett's richly understated lyrics. The results resound with refined clarity, revelations of a struggling musician confronting new phases of adulthood.

Next year, the band plans to complete work on its debut full-length. The video above features part of a song destined for that release. "To Keep the Lights On" layers ethereal distortion and far-off harmonica onto patiently strummed acoustic guitar as Baggett moans out a list of goals that center on the titular phrase. The song is accompanied by performance footage of the band captured by Adam Graetz, who promises to document Some Army’s entire recording process for future updates.

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