Carolina Covers: Jason Kutchma handles Superchunk's "Hyper Enough" | Music

Carolina Covers: Jason Kutchma handles Superchunk's "Hyper Enough"



Today brings together another pair of local favorites, Jason Kutchma and Superchunk. As soon as Kutchma mentioned the song he'd chosen to cover back in July, I instantly became excited—it's one of those that you can hear in your head as soon as it's mentioned.

"When the first 20 seconds burst from the speakers, my heart races," Kutchma explains of the original. "I heard it in my twenties and it made me feel like a teenager. It had the same effect when I hit my thirties. One day I tried figuring how to play the damn thing and, though it has many pop song qualities that make it memorable, its twists make it enduring—the incredible soaring pre-verse guitar playing over atypical chord changes, the chugging rhythm masking a time change, loose guitars hiding an expanded bridge. 'Hyper Enough' is ridiculously catchy but not simplistically catchy.  There's personality and identity all through the song but it's done with ease."

And so we present Jason Kutchma covering Superchunk's "Hyper Enough." Enjoy.

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