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Simple Music Video Series: Phil Cook & His Feat's "Frazee, Minnesota" and "Scorned"



If there could be good news from the fact that his full-time group Megafaun is taking some well deserved time off, it is that folks in the Triangle will get to see Phil Cook & His Feat perform more often.

Thursday, Nov. 1, Phil and his brother Brad are involved in a very interesting project. They will be live scoring the documentary Without a Fight, which centers around how the sport of soccer can bring about social change in Kibera, one of Africa's largest slums. The event is part of a block party premier of the documentary, with food trucks. See the Without a Fight website for further details.

Friday, Nov. 16, Phil will be joining a bill with Hiss Golden Messenger at The Pinhook along with Ama Divers. This should be an excellent show with likely a few collaborations as well.

It took nearly a near to track Phil down to join us to shoot these few songs, and it was well worth the wait. This week we present Phil Cook & His Feat playing, "Frazee, Minnesota" from his Trekky Records released Hungry Mother Blues and "Scorned," a track from Megafaun's self-titled release. Enjoy.

The purpose of the Indy Week's Simple Music Video Series is to capture local and touring musicians who we feel are producing something special. The hope is to capture something very simple in order to mirror the experience of viewing a performance as if you were in a small crowd watching a quiet set. We hope for content of the music to be the primary focus of the series, not multiple camera angles meant to keep the viewer guessing and entertained.

Most bands featured in the series will be a sample of the deep pool of talent in the Triangle, while others will represent some of our touring favorites.

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