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Simple Music Video Series: Josh Moore covers Ryan Adams' "Tomorrow"



Since his time with Beloved and Classic Case, Josh Moore has occasionally appeared with new music—opening a local show, releasing a sporadic seven-inch record, popping up to sing background vocals. With all of these appearances, it's puzzling as to why he isn't playing out constantly. As you'll hear in this week's session, despite covering another artist, the pureness of his voice is something to behold.

There have been mentions of an upcoming solo project, and Moore recently released a clear-vinyl single featuring the songs "New Morning" (which you can listen to here) and "End of the Night." It is available at All Day Records in Carrboro.

Josh is also involved in another project of a very different nature. "This is my newest jam in this group, BIGDIXX," he explains. "We recorded it in Bollywood. We've got like five BIGDIXX records. That's mainly what I'm working on with Tommy 2 Strawz and Ol' Sidewalk. We have a Travelers Club EP dropping soon on Bandcamp probably."

Until then, here is Josh Moore with Ryan Gustafson, covering the Ryan Adams song "Tomorrow."

The purpose of the Indy Week's Simple Music Video Series is to capture local and touring musicians who we feel are producing something special. The hope is to capture something very simple in order to mirror the experience of viewing a performance as if you were in a small crowd watching a quiet set. We hope for content of the music to be the primary focus of the series, not multiple camera angles meant to keep the viewer guessing and entertained.

Most bands featured in the series will be a sample of the deep pool of talent in the Triangle, while others will represent some of our touring favorites.

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