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Simple Music Video Series: Kutchma's Orphanage and I'll Survive



I don't know that there is a harder working musician in the triangle than Jason Kutchma. Rather writing, recording or performing live, he is a musician who does not allow his audience to be bored. As most people know, Kutchma has released two albums this year: The first was Welcome Home, by the rock band Red Collar, which he fronts. Then there was Pastoral, the roots-rock project of JKutchma & The Five Fifths. That's not to mention the album's companion book. Both records have different styles of presentation, but when stripped down to their barest bones, they are very similar.

Today's session presents two songs, one from each of these albums. When Kutchma came into the studio on one early Saturday afternoon, it was extremely warm. Kutchma ran through several songs with only a few slip ups. Notice the uncommon focus and intensity of his performance. This really lends the viewer just a small window into the dedication and passion Kutchma has for what he is doing.

And speaking of the hard working, Kutchma will be performing all three days of the upcoming Hopscotch festival. With the Five Fifths Thursday at Tir Na Nog at 10pm, solo during the Hopscotch at Hibernian day party Friday, and finally with Red Collar at the Raleigh Times-sponsored day party Saturday.

The purpose of the Independent Weekly's Simple Music Video Series is to capture local and touring musicians who we feel are producing something special. The hope is to capture something very simple in order to mirror the experience of viewing a performance as if you were in a small crowd watching a quiet set. We hope for content of the music to be the primary focus of the series, not multiple camera angles meant to keep the viewer guessing and entertained.

Most bands featured in the series will be a sample of the deep pool of talent in the Triangle, while others will represent some of our touring favorites.

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