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Simple Music Video Series: Damien Jurado's "Let Us All In" and "Working Titles"



There are times when you see a musician live for the first time and their songs hit you like a sledgehammer in the gut. Leading up to filming this session with Seattle based Damien Jurado, I had only heard a handful of his songs. The very quiet and gracious Mr. Jurado met me, a total stranger, outside of Kings Barcade for a brief ride to Amplified Art. We were on a tight schedule and had only 30 minutes to complete the session.

In that 30 minutes, we went through three songs, each done in one take, and there was still time for him to pick up a psychedelic Jerry Garcia print off the rack. As we rode back to Kings and departed with a smile and handshake, I was a bit overwhelmed. I don't believe there are many people out there who could deliver such a genuine and heartfelt performance in that short amount of time and think nothing of it.

Today's session features a performance of a 7" b-side, "Let Us All In," as well as "Working Titles" off of his new album, Maraqopa. Damien and company return to Raleigh for Hopscotch on Friday, Sept. 7, closing out the Berkeley Cafe. His set will begin at midnight.

The purpose of the Independent Weekly's Simple Music Video Series is to capture local and touring musicians who we feel are producing something special. The hope is to capture something very simple in order to mirror the experience of viewing a performance as if you were in a small crowd watching a quiet set. We hope for content of the music to be the primary focus of the series, not multiple camera angles meant to keep the viewer guessing and entertained.

Most bands featured in the series will be a sample of the deep pool of talent in the Triangle, while others will represent some of our touring favorites.

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