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New Band Alert: Is Infección the Triangle's new punk supergroup?



The new Raleigh punk band Infección runs the risk of an overcrowded résumé: Its four members can count Double Negative, Whatever Brains, Brain F≠, Devour, Logic Problem, Grids, Street Sharks, Cross Laws and Crossed Eyes as relevant experience.

But with only one show and a raw three-song practice space video to its name, the quartet of guitarist Daniel Lupton, bassist Rich Ivey, drummer Bobby Michaud and singer David Mirabedini already has differentiated itself from its members’ other activities.

“While there's still a lot of hardcore in the mix, it's much more garagey and catchy,” Lupton told me via e-mail. “We also do a sweet Kinks cover.”

Indeed, the band’s ringing, low-distortion riffs and jittery rhythms offer a crisp post-punk edge, in line with bands like England’s Shitty Limits, Denmark’s Cola Freaks and especially Spain’s Sudor.
The band’s European leanings and sharp, mostly midtempo songs stand out in a local scene facing no shortage of crushingly heavy and blindingly fast hardcore. But even among its European contemporaries, Infección is a stand-out.

Mirabedini, who writes and sings en Español, has a keen ear for rhythm, and springboards easily into hooks — most notably on the band’s best (recorded) song, “Mentiras.” Meanwhile, Lupton’s guitar clangs like Joy Division’s Bernard Sumner’s with none of the chilly gauze, and Ivey cuts cunning countermelodies that poke through the guitar’s treble din. Michaud is left with plenty of space to muscle the band forward with a precise backbeat, offering bold cymbal splashes for emphasis.

You can catch Infección at two upcoming shows: March 13 at All Day Records, with Charlotte bruisers Nö Pöwer, and April 9 at Kings alongside Chicago’s Raw Nerve and Divine Right, and fellow locals Double Negative and Pure Scum.

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