Chris Malarkey heads to the Lincoln Theatre | Music

Chris Malarkey heads to the Lincoln Theatre



Chris Malarkey, a 13-year member of the staff at Raleigh’s Pour House Music Hall, has signed on to help book acts at the Lincoln Theatre. A local music fixture, Malarkey has been the sole booking agent at the Pour House for about five years.

“It’s a bigger level,” Malarkey says of the move. The Pour House lists its capacity as 350, while the Lincoln holds 800. “It just opens up a lot of different avenues as far as the bands that I can book. The bands that I booked at the Pour House, I can take two bands that draw 300 people and put them together, and that makes a room that holds 800 look great. I can also start working with bands that I’ve always wanted to work with. I spent a lot of time growing talent at the Pour House. Some of it’s outgrown the Pour House, and now I can book them at the Lincoln.”

Eric Mullen, owner of the Pour House, will take over booking duties in Malarkey’s absence. He’s not worried about the transition; he handled the talent buying on his own before he brought Malarkey on board.

“No replacement—he isn’t replaceable,” Mullen said of Malarkey on Thursday. “I’ll go back to doing all the booking just like before and the show will go on.”

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