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Durham hip-hop zombie onslaught


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It used to be that you'd meet someone, they'd bite you, you'd develop a taste for flesh and pillage the surrounding town looking for someone nice to eat. Apparently, that won't do anymore.

There's now a furious new wave of Durham-born zombies walking amongst us and rapping as they go. The source of this revolutionary strain, if a new music video is to be believed, is a hot new track from local rapper and producers The Real Laww and Toon, dubbed "Professional Hater (Remix)."

The Real Laww (or J. Lawrence) is a Durham-based veteran of the war in Afghanistan; Toon is a graduate of the Durham School of the Arts. They were documented in the pursuit of BRAINS! by director Saleem Reshamwala (aka Kid Ethnic).

No word on whether anyone survived the onslaught.



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