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Airiel Down's military marathon



Thirsty for justice: Beaux Foy, in the shades, leads Airiel Down
  • Courtesy of Airiel Down and Phoenix Photography
  • Thirsty for justice: Beaux Foy, in the shades, leads Airiel Down

Beaux Foy isn’t a fan of the evening news: "It pisses me off every time you turn on the news. The only time they mention our troops is when they have casualties,” the Airiel Down front man says.

To counter that, Foy is joining forces with Lowe’s, Pepsi and NASCAR on a campaign to honor the everyday achievements of servicemen and women who “put themselves on the line everyday to help in the greater good of global humanity.” He teamed up with Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.—“all class-A gentlemen”—at a Norfolk, Va., Naval base for the promotion, set to run as a commercial in theaters nationwide, on morning news programs, at Charlotte Motor Speedway and displayed at Lowe’s stores,

In December, Raleigh's Airiel Down shot a music video atop the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, and this summer the group will play for troops in Guam and the Persian Gulf. The USO of North Carolina will honor Foy with the Heart of a Patriot Award at a ceremony in Raleigh in October.

“I said, ‘We don’t do this stuff for recognition,’” Foy says. “They said, ‘That’s exactly why we want to recognize you.’”

Foy has never been hard to recognize, though, especially while sporting Johnny Depp, Willie Wonka-style eyewear in the NASCAR promotion. “Junior and the boys got a big kick out of it,” says Foy, a bandana and goggles collector. “I said, ‘Hey, you guys have your uniforms on, I better put mine on.”

Big kicks: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Beaux Foy
  • Photo Courtesy of the Band and Phoenix Photography
  • Big kicks: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Beaux Foy

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