Tonight through Saturday, The Club Is Open Festival supports CyTunes, Tisch Center | Music

Tonight through Saturday, The Club Is Open Festival supports CyTunes, Tisch Center


Tonight @ Players
  • Tonight @ Players

The second-annual The Club is Open Festival began Tuesday night with a pre-fest party and a triple-bill at The Reservoir. Like last night's Hammer No More The Fingers show at the newly repurposed Players on East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, that gig was free.

But the shows tonight (Aminal, The Dry Heathensand On The Beach at The Cave), Friday (Red Collar, The Loners, Rat Jacksonand A Rooster For The Masses at Local 506) and Saturday (American Aquarium, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Flithybird and Nathan Oliver at Cat’s Cradle) are not. The paltry cover charges ($5, $7 and $8, chronologically) aren't meant to line the pockets of club owners, promoters or musicians, though: All proceeds from this year’s festival will benefit The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University and—all in memory of the late local music champion Cy Rawls.

Rawls, who died in October after a battle with brain cancer, was treated at the Tisch Center, and the local music community hasn’t let its support for the center's work flag, even months after Rawls' death.

Friends of Cy including Janette Park and Chris Rossi launched CyTunes hoping to raise money for their friend’s medical treatment, and found a flood of support from local musicians donating exclusive music to be sold through the site: Durham’s The Whole World Laughing, the avant-punk duo of Dave Cantwell and Scotty Irving, released its new album, 8 Songs For Cy, exclusively through CyTunes.

Live recordings from Superchunk and Polvoare the site’s best-selling album—Polvo’s selling more in volume, but Superchunk’s lengthy set bringing in more revenue. Local supergroup The Flute Flies, which comprises The Rosebuds’ Ivan Howard, Schooner’s Reid Johnson and Pox World Emperor Zeno Gill, is the site’s best-selling singles band.

Club Is Open performers Hammer No More The Fingers, Red Collar and Nathan Oliver also have exclusive tracks available at

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