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Tonight: The Daggers double, Phonte does the two-step


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I did a quick little dance earlier this week upon learning that Baltimore's Double Dagger made a music video for "Vivre Sans Temps Mort," the second and arguably best track from its third, best and most recent record, More. And I did a longer dance while watching said video for the first time, as it's always such a treat to see lyrics, music and image coalesce so powerfully: "Vivre Sans Temps Mort" builds slowly but steadily, walks of bass notes and a patter of hi-hat touches reflecting from the surface of a melodica drone. When the band finally leaps in, it chases a tense, three-minute march toward terminus, the action cresting and collapsing but ultimately just charging to something unseen. The lyrics reflect on teenage obsessions with death, or with forsaking a little bit of your life by fantasizing about the time when you won't be here. Kids write wills and memoirs...

And so, in the video, we find a young boy fastidiously  building models of cars, building for the future instead of living his life. The cars, of course, eventually crash and burn, bringing one of the song's central lines to bear: "When the fire's burned out and all you're left with is smoke, smoke, smoke..." Double Dagger, which got love in this week's paper, plays The Pinhook tonight sometime after 10 p.m.

Also of note tonight: Phonte Coleman of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange brings round two of Two-Step Thursdays with Tigallo back to Raleigh's Globe tonight after 10 p.m. Writing for Scan, Eric Tullis described last week's debut as "an attempt to offer a disco aesthetic in the Triangle and encourage the young, professional, urban clientele to come to the club and dance and sweat, rather than try and preserve their dry-cleaned ensembles by 'holding the walls up.'" Those parties are free.


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