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Two kooky new videos from Waumiss



From the colorful monster that adorns its cover to the scattered soundscapes that cover both sides, Waumiss' 2008 self-titled LP offered plenty of enjoyment via its homespun whimsy. The duo's psychedelic, loop-based weird-pop came shaking and clattering and shimmying out of my speakers for months after release and—from time to time—still does.

Now, the duo of Carrboros' Clarque and Caroline Blomquist has taken its playful aesthetic and sprinted: Two newly unveiled videos—both scored by versions of the LP's "R-Dog bumps, Tummy Fix"—syncs that song's unsettling clatter with flashing lights and pinball-machine colors, short toy-shop horror movies of love. Glowing greens and reds shine against a living clutter-drawer or plastic figures and kistchy trinkets. The "Skootch-Babings" version alternates a flashing-eyed tiger mask and a glowing plastic skull in the oreground, while the "Evil Baby" version heads conceptual with a plastic miniature baby that transforms into a plastic miniature goat. And, uhh, back?

I can't imagine a better-suited set of images for Waumiss, itself a perfectly orchestrated collision of quirk and color and vibrant noise. For the "Skootch-Babings" version, hit the jump.

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