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Uhh, Polvo signs to Merge


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Well, dudes!
  • Well, dudes!

Well, there's this, which we've been hearing rumors of, but mostly around a Raleigh basketball court and on MySpace:

Merge will release Polvo's new album, In Prism, on Tuesday, Sep. 8, the band's first LP since 1997's Shapes and first on Merge since Today's Active Lifestyles four years before. The eight tracks were recorded with Brian Paulson at Asheville's excellent Echo Mountain. Only two dates are scheduled so far (one being at Mergefest in July; the other being at New York's Seaport Music Festival later in July), though more gigs are expected for this Fall. Maybe Black Taj will open? Tracklist is after the jump, and more info as soon as we get it.


1. Right The Relation

2. D.C. Trails

3. Beggar's Bowl

4. City Birds

5. Lucia

6. Dream Residue/Work

7. The Pedlar

8. A Thousand Waves


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