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Did Terry Anderson & the OAK Team rip Black Angels off?



Yesterday, ripz, a commenter at www.indyweek.com, suggested that Raleigh band Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin Team lifted the cover design for its latest LP, National Champions, from a 2006 seven-inch by the derivative-as-all-hell Austin, Texas band The Black Angels.

And, as you can see, the covers do feature several similarities, including several black vertical stripes (one of which is offset below the rest) and a black-and-orange color scheme. After reader D a v e asked, "Did they mean to rip off the cover art?," we decided it'd be best to let the band respond. Bassist Jack Cornell's answer hits below the break.

"The concerned writer was correct. The album art was inspired from another album, but not the Black Angels," says Cornell. "If you love the Black Angels' cover, you have to love the OAK Team's because they were both influenced by Reid Miles' graphic work on Freddie Hubbard's 1962 album Hub-Tones."


And there you have it. Two things worth noting: First, Hub-Tones should be required listening. Hubbard had just lent his trumpet talents to a Herbie Hancock album in the early ’60s, and alongside Sun Ra drummer Clifford Jarvis, he adds some great touches to this one. Second, if someone did rip Black Angels off, serves ’em right. With a logo and name ripped from The Velvet Underground and a sound that basically recycles all sacred psychedelic greats in one totally limp mix, The Black Angels deserves a little idea swiping of its own.

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