HNMTF Tour Diary #8: Brooklyn, N.Y. | Music

HNMTF Tour Diary #8: Brooklyn, N.Y.



Friday March 20

Brooklyn, N.Y.

As we approached New York City, we decided to drive through Staten Island instead of fighting Friday evening Manhattan traffic. We crossed the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge, which offers the most radical view of the entire city of New York as you head into Brooklyn. You forget how dense and crazy this place is. We drove on to the Brookyln-Queens Expressway, which whizzed us straight to Brooklyn's hipster haven, Williamsburg.

Tonight's venue is called The Charleston. It was pretty much a dive bar with a basement, which was just fine by us. We set up in the basement then went across the street for falafel sandwiches. Mmmm. . . falafel. By the time we got back, the place had filled up. We saw many friendly Durham faces—friends who now live in New York and friends who were here just for the weekend. It was a great show. We're seven for seven on good shows at this point, a well-oiled machine. Red Wire Black Wire tore it up as usual.

After the show, we went down the street to a bar called The Turkey's Nest and played Buck Hunter Safari Edition for hours. Seriously: hours. I've never had so much fun shooting monkeys and wildebeest. When we finally left, Joe headed up to his cousin's place in Manhattan, while Jeff and I (Duncan) headed to our friend Mark's place in Greenpoint. It's going to be our first night away from one another. I'm scared. . . —HNMTF

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