HNMTF Tour Diary #7: Wilmington, Del. | Music

HNMTF Tour Diary #7: Wilmington, Del.



Thursday, March 19

Wilmington, DE

Jeff Stickley, post-show, enjoying one of the oddities at Mojo 13. And a tall PBR.
  • Jeff Stickley, post-show, enjoying one of the oddities at Mojo 13. And a tall PBR.

The next morning we finally said goodbye to our Caverns brethren, then drove to our friend Brad's apartment in Philadelphia. Thursday night we played in Wilmington, Del., just outside of Philly. Brad's apartment is two blocks from the Pat's/Geno's cheesesteak corner in South Philly. We immediately crushed a few steaks from Pat's, watched a little NCAA basketball, and later drove out to Delaware. Wilmington is a fairly large banking town on the outskirts of Philadelphia—not the most happening place in the world. However, we heard it was the hometown of WKNC's own DJ Stevo, so we're happy to be here.

We played a club called Mojo 13. The bar had an old timey, circus/fun house sort of theme. A giant, evil, glowing clown head greeted us at the entrance, and vinyl records decorated some of the walls. In a weird way, it was also a pretty standard bad-ass biker bar. Durham's Tooth told us the bar staff made them hot dogs. We didn't get any hot dogs. Of course, Tooth had to trudge there in the snow on a night when two local bands canceled on them. They earned those hot dogs.

There were five bands on tonight's bill. Lord Jeff (on a month-long tour from Massachusetts) and Red Wire Black Wire (on tour from NYC) were two of the highlights. This was the first of three shows we'll be playing this week with Red Wire Black Wire. We'll play with them in Brooklyn Friday night and in Johnstown, Penn., on Sunday. The members of Brad's band, Johnny Action Figure, all came out to the show, which we appreciated. They're great dudes, and their enthusiasm made up for the sparse attendance. We played a rawkus set, packed up and drove back to Philadelphia for the night.

The next morning, we pounded a few more Pat's cheesesteaks, then made the two hour drive up the New Jersey Turnpike to Brooklyn, N.Y. —HNMTF

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