HNMTF Tour Diary #6: Baltimore, Md. | Music

HNMTF Tour Diary #6: Baltimore, Md.



Wednesday, March 18

Baltimore, MD

Next we made the short drive from D.C. to Baltimore. It was the first time we have been back to Baltimore since we recorded our album here almost a year ago with our longtime hero, J. Robbins. That was the best week of our lives: We spent our days in the studio, living on pizza and coffee. The pizza was delivered from the world famous "Pizza Deal" restaurant. We made many pizza deals that week. J Robbins is the sweetest guy. It was such a pleasure to work with him. Baltimore was also the setting of a television show that I (Joe) hold close to my heart, The Wire. It was fun to dork out, drive around and point out specific locations from the show. I've been trying to get Jeff and Duncan to watch it for a while now.

We played at the Talking Head, a small venue tacked on to the back of a larger venue called Sonar. A lot of venues in larger cities have two rooms like this—one room for larger acts, and one room for smaller acts. It's great for relatively unknown touring bands. You get the same benefits from the club (i.e., beer discounts, door money and good sound), but you play to a much more intimate audience. We played between two local acts, Don Pennington and Vinngy Vegas. It was a great night all around. Baltimore's vibrant music scene is one of many we're struggling to break in to. After the show, we drove back to our crash pad in D.C., picked up some Cup o' Noodles from 7-11, watched even more Eastbound & Down, then hit the hay. Phew. —HNMTF

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