HNMTF Tour Diary #2: Lynchburg, Va. | Music

HNMTF Tour Diary #2: Lynchburg, Va.



Over the next two weeks, Durham’s Hammer No More the Fingers will offer daily glimpses into its touring life as the band tours the East Coast in anticipation of its Triangle CD release parties April 3-4.

Sunday, March 15

Lynchburg, Va.

There's just something about waking up on the floor and asking yourself what's more filthy—the floor or the pillow—that assures you it will be a good day." Let's go back ... Saturday we drove three hours in the rain to Lynchburg, Va., to play a party at the "Kingdom of Eli." Eli is our long-time friend, spiritual mentor and guru.

The kingdom was a house, of course, but it wasn't even his house. The house belonged to his two friends, who were quite surprised when they walked in and saw a strange group of people kicking a soccer ball around their living room. "Ahh, dudes, whats up? We're having a band party here tonight. Ya'll should hang out," Eli said. He might not have had a plan, but he had a vision. He fixed us up with his famous chicken slop with olives and Coors—the banquet beer—to nourish our weary traveling bones.

Then we played some Rock 'n' Roll! Conversations With Enemies (from Philly) set the mood. Their songs all tell the story of a zombie uprising. As soon as they started playing, a flood of people came storming in. By the time we went on, the place was in full party mode. Three songs in, the police came. Two songs later they came back. We started to jam really quietly, improvising, and it eventually morphed into "The Agency." The set was louder than when it started. When the music was over we hung out in Conversations' RV and played Super Geometry Wars, a game that could have been named "George Lucas on Acid." Eli sent us on our way the next morning with coffee and a King Curtis CD, the perfect fuel to take us to D.C. —HNMTF

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