HNMTF Tour Diary #1: Blacksburg, Va. | Music

HNMTF Tour Diary #1: Blacksburg, Va.



Over the next two weeks, Durham’s Hammer No More the Fingers will offer daily glimpses into its touring life as the band tours the East Coast in anticipation of its Triangle CD release parties April 3-4.

Friday, March 13


It was raining like hell as we were packing up to go on tour. We started to think that it might have been a good idea to get a camper when we realized we couldn't quite fit everything we needed in our Honda CR-V. A box of T-shirts, Jeff's rack tom and Joe's backup guitar that we just couldn't find room for were left. Finally, we hit the road for Blacksburg, Va.

The Lantern is a sweet venue. We played before the headliner (Lee Street Riots), who were playing their final show. The stage was backed by a glowing chalkboard covered in neon band names and random art. It ended with the Lee Street Riots’ frontman smashing his guitar into several pieces in Kutchma-esque fashion. We also shared the stage with fellow Trianglians River City Ransom. Awesome dudes, great band. Eventually we loaded-out up a steep, curved stairwell into the steady rain and headed south 45 minutes to our home for the night.

But the night had only just begun. The house belongs to Duncan's cousin, whose whole family came to the show. It was too good to be real. What followed was the most intense Phish DVD session I've ever had. We looked out the front window over a grass field and out onto a lake in the mountains of Pulaski, Va., slept in full sized beds, and had Bojangles' sitting on the table for us when we woke up.

This is the nicest we will have it for the next two weeks. —HMNTF

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