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New Music: Embarrassing Fruits streches its game out


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Joe Norkus' affinity for the girl he's just met is much stronger than love at first sigh. In fact, during the 160 seconds it takes "Corner" to cycle, he's had all the great conversations with her (coffee ... baseball ... what else is there, really?), made some montage-ready memories when dancing by the pool, and met her father as he swims shirtless.

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Oh, and then the world ends, sort of: Lightning strikes the little town of their encounter, and Jesus descends to calm everyone. Things go back to normal, and there they are, still talking, still smiling and finally making babies.

Speaking of normal, "Corner" is just half of that for Embarrassing Fruits: The band's pace remains languid and loose, slacker indie rock moving of its own slow will—J.Mascis on a treadmill or something. But there's a hidden precision to the band's jangle here, its shift-and-return structure illustrating perfectly the magnetism of its characters. The biggest surprise, though, might be Josh Kimbrough's doubled trumpet line beneath the chorus. He wraps Norkus' whatever-goes voice in a glow of triumph, as if to offer a wedding present for the young lovers.

The band drops its new one, Community/Exploitation, on your ass/ears Friday, March 20, at Local 506. The free show costs 10 p.m., and Sorry About Dresden and Blag'ard open. Look for the full album review in the Independent next week, y'all.


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