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DuoFest III: Mecca Normal (!) & Beloved Binge


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Beloved Binge: Ready to roll back into Durham
  • Beloved Binge: Ready to roll back into Durham

Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge—together, Durham duo Beloved Binge—have been on the road since September, touring in a van with a stove and a pop-up sleeper, a dog, their music and Binge's documentary about vegan politics, policies and problems, Seeing Through the Fence. They're calling this the Porch'n Tour, and it will be kind enough to bring the Binge back to N.C. for a handful of dates in April. There's a Campus Concert Series gig on April 17 at Duke and others to be announced, but the big news is the band's appearance at this year's Duofest III Saturday, April 18, at—as always—Bull City Headquarters.

Binge books the fest with local man-about-bands Dave Cantwell: This time, not only do we get the return of the Binge and one of those ever-rare bookings at BCHQ (hopefully, less so soon, but more on that later), but also sets from Raleigh textural coelacanth Phon before one member moves away and an appearance by Mecca Normal, the rhythm-section-less Canadian duo that's been dropping records on K, Kill Rock Stars and Matador since the first half of the '80s. "Arguably the greatest rock band without a rhythm section ever," critic Douglas Wolk once said of Mecca Normal. Awesome, say we.

Full line-up after the break, plus a comp of highlights from Duofest II.

The whole roster:

Mecca Normal (Vancouver, Canada)

Sequoya (Durham)

Phon (Raleigh)

Ottovonbismark (Wilmington)

Victor Victor Band (Philadelphia)

Veelee (Chapel Hill)

Basalt (Greensboro)

Beloved Binge (Durham)

The Saint Peter Pocket Veto (Winston-Salem)

The Scientific Superstar (Durham)


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