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your turn Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace, Sunday-Friday, April 16-21: The Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, and People of Faith Against the Death Penalty are calling for a revival of the Hebrew tradition of Jubilee, an erasure of debts and correction of social imbalances. For a contemporary application of Jubilee, they are demanding an end to sweatshop labor and the death penalty, closure of the School of the Americas, justice for farmworkers, and absolution of debts of impoverished countries. To emphasize their point, they are sponsoring a 100-mile walk from Greensboro to Raleigh, spread out over six days. The walk will begin on April 16 at Greensboro's Faith Community Church after Palm Sunday services, with stops in Burlington, Siler City, Pittsboro, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and will end Friday, April 21, on the steps of the State Capitol in Raleigh. At the stops there will be speakers, workshops and presentations from the sponsoring groups. Call 856-9468 for details on the walk.

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