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your turn Wide-A-Wake Community Forum, Tuesday, March 14: Wake County Human Services is holding a one-day interactive forum to address issues relevant to families and children. The goal of the meeting will be to find ways to promote partnerships between agencies, community groups, faith organizations and citizens, to provide a thicker safety net and support for families. Workshops will focus on efforts in schools and communities, initiatives that address juvenile crime prevention and creative partnering. Students and youngsters are invited to attend for free, and most presentations will involve the participation of youth representatives. Howard Haas of the Children's Crusade will be the keynote speaker, discussing ways we can strengthen our neighborhoods. The forum will be held at NCSU's McKimmon Center, on the corner of Gorman Street and Western Boulevard, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday. Registration is $35 per person and covers lunch. Call 250-1504 for details.

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