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Your Participation is Mandatory: The INDY’s 2016 Primary Endorsements


As we write this, we don't know the results of Super Tuesday's primaries. But we do know that, regardless of what's happening at the top of the ticket, the March 15 elections are vital for North Carolina's future: they'll help determine not only who claims the governor's office and the Council of State, but also whether the Democrats will chip away at the Republican supermajority in the state House. There are also local elections, including for the county commissions in Wake, Durham, Chatham, and Orange. And there's a major bond referendum.

Your participation is imperative.

A few things to note before we begin: we are not yet endorsing in the races for U.S. Congress, which have been postponed until June. Additionally, we did not dive into judicial races. And we are not endorsing in the Democratic primary for labor commissioner; one of the candidates, former Raleigh mayor Charles Meeker, is the brother of INDY co-owner Richard Meeker. You can, however, find both candidates' responses to our questionnaire on our website—and the same goes for many of the candidates discussed below.

You'll likely disagree with some—or most, or all—of our choices, and that's fine. That's democracy. Our goal is to help you make your own informed decisions. Remember, democracy only works if you vote.


Hillary Clinton Is Democrats’ Best Bet to Keep the White House
She’s imperfect but resilient

Donald Trump Is Exactly the Candidate the GOP Deserves
God help us all

Democrat Deborah Ross for U.S. Senate
She's got the experience and the chops to do the job

Republican Richard Burr for U.S. Senate
The incumbent bests his far-right rival

Roy Cooper Deserves the Nod for Governor
The longtime attorney general will make a strong challenger

C. Robert Brawley Is Bad. Governor McCrory is Worse.
Even in the GOP primary, the gov’s gotta go

Democrat Holly Jones for Lieutenant Governor
The Buncombe County commissioner is the Democrats’ best bet against Dan Forest

Democrat Josh Stein for Attorney General
Cooper leaves big shoes to fill. Stein can fill them.

Republican Jim O’Neill for Attorney General
He’s got experience, and the other guy’s a hack

Republican Steve Troxler for Agriculture Commissioner
His opponents’ big issue is guns at the fair. No thanks

Republican Joe McLaughlin for Insurance Commissioner
At least he wasn’t arrested for insurance fraud

Republican A.J. Daoud for Secretary of State
He finished dead last in 2012, but he’s bolstered his GOP cred

Democrat June Atkinson Has Stood Strong for Education
The DPI superintendent deserves another term

Republican Mark Johnson for DPI Superintendent
Even at age 32, he’s better prepared than the other guys

Dan Blue III for Treasurer  
Ron Elmer is a strong choice, but Blue is poised to excel

Democrat Rosa Gill for N.C. House District 33
The incumbent is a better choice than her opponents

Republican Nelson Dollar for N.C. House District 36
The budget hawk from Cary isn’t conservative enough to avoid a primary, but he’s good enough for us

Democrat Jennifer Marie Ferrell for N.C. House District 36
She doesn’t have a deep resume, but she does have good ideas

Democrat Jay Chaudhuri for N.C. Senate District 16
He’s best positioned to represent his district

Democrat Karen Howard for Chatham County Commission
In District 1, the incumbent is best equipped to handle the issues facing the county

Mike Dasher for the Chatham County Commission
In District 2, the challenger is the more reliable candidate

Carter, Fikes, Hill, Jacobs, and Reckhow for the Durham County Commission
We back two incumbents and three newcomers

Sharon Davis for Register of Deeds
The office is running just fine

Steven Unruhe for Durham County School Board
He has a deep understanding of the issues DPS is facing

Mark Marcoplos for Orange County Commission
In the at-large seat, we back the green builder and living-wage advocate

Mark Dorosin and Penny Rich for Orange County Commission
In District 1, Jamezetta Bedford gets an honorable mention, but the incumbents deserve re-election

Renee Price for Orange County Commission
In District 2, Price has earned re-election

Halkiotis, McKnight, and Roberts for Orange County Schools
The board—and students—will benefit from their presence

Michael H. Hood for Orange County Schools
A navy vet and retired computer professional, Hood is a better choice than his opponent

Democrat Vicki Scroggins-Johnson for Wake County Commission
When in office, Lindy Brown didn’t boast the strongest voting record

Republican John Adcock for Wake County Commission
Someone needs to keep Phil Matthews out of office


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