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Best place to live out your Drunktown fantasies

Ruby Deluxe

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414 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh

They said there were too many bars in downtown Raleigh, that Sodom had shifted from the safe zone of Glenwood Avenue to the more commercially essential Fayetteville Street. Too much vomit in the street, they said, too much racket filtering into the high-rise condos and apartments above. So, a crew from Slim's—the blessed cockroach of Raleigh bars, built to outlast any apocalypse—did the only thing they knew how to do: they opened another bar on Fayetteville Street. Ruby Deluxe is the dive bar Raleigh has been missing since the Jackpot fell to development, the fancier but no less fun kin of Slim's. The low ceilings and intense paint, garish lights and modest menu speak to cheap, great parties that last for an entire weekend. They host improvisational music nights, LGBTQ dance parties, and metal DJ sets, all in service of a good time. And after HB 2's passage, the staff banned Republicans, Nazis, and the aliens from Independence Day from its restrooms. Ruby Deluxe for City Council!

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