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Best place to find the worst people in the Triangle

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Living in the Triangle, it can be easy to forget you exist in a mostly progressive and politically correct—or at least politically polite—bubble. Racism, homophobia, sexism, and good old-fashioned ignorance are not welcome here. Or so we imagine.

These qualities persist, however, in the comment sections on WRAL's Facebook page, along with the requisite terrible grammar. The comments serve as a startling reminder that, no, not everyone thinks just like you and your friends—and that these folks are your neighbors, voting in the same elections as you, and probably for Donald Trump or similar Neanderthals. Thus, articles on HB 2 will lead to comments arguing that "'transgender' is a disease" and "who cares about all us strait [sic], non-confused individuals."

An anodyne story on President Obama visiting Japan elicited this gem: "The WORST president in history trying to save face. Please have your bags ready and packed. I can't wait until you hit the streets and are arrested immediately!!!" (The president's alleged crime is unclear.)

And a recent post on sanctuary cities led to this nugget of wisdom: "The farce of the age ... illegal aliens criminals [sic] raping and killing a country, defecating on it [sic] sovereignty and treasonous government does nothing." (Wonder who that person's voting for.)

Pro tip: if you want to hang on to your sanity, follow the golden rule of the Internet—never read the comments.

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