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Best place to believe in the state's future

Dix Park

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Raleigh officials have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the 306-acre campus of Dorothea Dix, which it acquired from the state last year for the hefty sum of $52 million.

Actually, considering the possibilities while roaming the rolling hills of Dix's green grounds, the price seems laughably small. With its mix of curious old buildings, secluded forested areas, and wide-open fields, Dorothea Dix suggests amphitheaters and carousels, art installations and picnics, bike courses and beautiful gardens.

Given the combined vertical growth of Raleigh and the political turmoil of North Carolina, it seems more and more like a sanctuary, a safe space meant to foster smart new city assets and build new energy. There's no question mark in the Triangle more exciting than the one hovering over Dix.

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