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Wrecked @ Breakfast's Kegs Over Easy




Though Kegs Over Easy is the first I've heard from Wrecked @ Breakfast—it is their debut, after all—it's not the first I've heard of the Clayton band: At last month's Downtown Live season opener, I spied a couple of fellows walking by, Wrecked @ Breakfast splayed across their black T-shirts. "Sometimes, you gotta get drunk ALL THE TIME!" the shirts informed me. To judge a book by its cover and all that, the apparel offered a fair idea of what these guys must be going for: rock 'n' roll party jams celebrating drunken debauchery, complete with sophomoric refrains built for inebriated sing-alongs. Technical proficiency? Nah.

And that's exactly what Wrecked delivers with Kegs' opener, "Sanderson Supreme," an upbeat blowout anthem that revels in excess. Keepers "I'm so drunk that I can't even see" and "Fuck you and your mama/ I've been drinking again" are linked in one verse. For better or for worse, the rest of the six-track EP deviates from the predicted course into lazily strummed, generic mid-tempo modern rock and Southern acoustic jangles. Mushy "Waiting to See Miranda J." and a bland barroom reading of The Band's classic "Ophelia" belong to the latter camp, while "Albany" borrows its form from '90s rock ballads. Despite packaging rather uninspiring songs, these obtuse choruses are stubbornly contagious—that is, if you make it through enough listens for them to take hold.

Sound familiar? Expect these guys to be roaming Downtown Live's backstage area before too long, rather than just the grounds of Moore Square.

Wrecked @ Breakfast plays a release show on Friday at The Pour House. A $5 cover also gets Whiskey Kills the Butterflies, Left on Cates, Adam Pitts and $1,000,000 Party beginning at 9 p.m.

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