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Words Surrounding the Occasion of Death


Often, Called. Sleeping.
By the thankful, quick.
The righteous, God's hand.
Cut down, the vengeful.
Passed away. The sleepers,
sleeping, an angel at last.
The worried, even the blessed
. Better in God's hands
. For those of beauty,
by their own hand. The wronged,
judged. The law's delay.
Of those desirous of mystery,
the undiscovered country
finally found
. The comforting,
of the discomforted, for him
whom time could not console
Satisfaction. The sorry, why?
The disbelieving, no.

John Wagner has won numerous awards for his poetry and travel writing. He is the author of eight books and hundreds of articles from his work as a journalist. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife, Leita, and their two sons, Asa and Micah.

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