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Erick Daniels
Convicted in December 2001 of first-degree burglary and armed robbery for robbing Ruth Brown when he was 14 years old. He has served five years of his 10 to 14-year sentence and always maintained his innocence.
Ruth Brown
Police department employee, says she was robbed at gunpoint on Sept. 21, 2000. She says two men entered her home and stole her purse containing thousands of dollars in cash. Brown identified Erick Daniels by his eyebrows.
Kam Russell
Ruth Brown suspected Russell in the robbery because he had seen her with loads of cash a few days before the robbery. Russell has a long rap sheet and a larger-than-life reputation. He says that Erick Daniels did not rob Ruth Brown.
Khalid Abdallah
Ruth Brown alleged that Abdallah was the second gunman to enter her home. Like Erick Daniels', the case to convict Abdallah was built on Brown's identification and no incriminating physical evidence. A jury acquitted Abdallah in 2003. He says that Erick Daniels did not rob Ruth Brown.
Darrell Brown
A housing officer in the Few Gardens housing project from 1998 until the complex was destroyed in 2003. Brown made the connection that led to Erick Daniels' consideration as a suspect.
Delois West
The investigator with the Durham Police Department's violent crimes division who investigated the robbery. She was a friend of Ruth Brown's and built the cases against Erick Daniels and Khalid Abdallah.
Robert Harris
Erick Daniels' defense attorney in Superior Court.
Freda Black
The assistant district attorney (and friend of Ruth Brown's) who prosecuted Erick Daniels and Khalid Abdallah. When told someone else wanted to confess, she didn't pursue it.
Karen Daniel
Erick Daniels' mother. Since his conviction, she has mounted a campaign to get justice for her son.
Doreal Henderson
After Ruth Brown was robbed, rumors spread around Few Gardens that Henderson was the getaway driver. Henderson denies that, but admits driving people to Brown's house on another night. He says Erick Daniels was not involved.
Carlos Mahoney
A lawyer in Durham's Glenn, Mills & Fisher law firm, took over Erick Daniels' case in late 2004. Working through the state appellate defender's office, Mahoney filed and lost an appeal on Daniels' behalf, and is now working on a motion in which he will present new evidence and argue that Daniels' trial attorney, Robert Harris, provided ineffective assistance.

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