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Who's to blame for Schoolkids closing?


The truth is that I, too, am an avid pirate of illicit MP3 files; this is how I learn about the many CDs I purchase ("Schoolkids Records in Chapel Hill closing," by Mosi Secret, Feb. 27). The real reason, I believe, that Schoolkids is failing is the painfully condescending and superior attitude of the employees. The half-dozen times I attempted transactions there, I was treated like dirt—for my choice in artist, venue or even my mannerisms.

CD Alley (where I shop very regularly) is a dramatically preferable environment despite its limited, standing-room-only status. The selection is superior, the service is superior and the fees on concert tickets are half that of Schoolkids'. Most importantly, the people behind the counter appreciate your contribution to the local economy rather than sneering down their nose at someone sufficiently uncool to pay money to see The Good Life.

I certainly won't miss Schoolkids, though I do hope they put something good in the space.

Gabriel Boswell
Chapel Hill

(For another take on Schoolkids, see "School's over.")

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