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What’s That, You Say? You Just Voted? Another Election Starts Thursday.



Just last week, voters in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham voted in municipal elections. In Cary and most of Raleigh, everything was settled: with Bonner Gaylord and Stacy Miller declining a runoff, the Raleigh City Council is set—and will likely be a little less developer-friendly than the current set. But on Sunday, mayoral challenger Charles Francis announced that he would indeed go to November, despite seemingly long odds. (He trailed McFarlane by twelve points in the first round.) In Durham, meanwhile, the primaries narrowed the field to two candidates in each of the four races.

This week, we're endorsing in the Raleigh mayoral runoff, the Durham general election, and races in Orange County. We've opted not to endorse in Morrisville, Apex, and other Wake County municipalities holding their elections November 7.

Early voting starts Thursday. Get out there and do your civic duty, people.


In the Runoff, the INDY Endorses Nancy McFarlane for Raleigh Mayor


In the General Election, the INDY Endorses Steve Schewel for Durham Mayor

In Durham’s Ward 1, the INDY Endorses DeDreana Freeman for City Council

In Durham’s Ward 2, the INDY Endorses Mark-Anthony Middleton for City Council

In Durham’s Ward 3, the INDY Endorses Vernetta Alston for City Council


The INDY Endorses Pam Hemminger for Chapel Hill Mayor

The INDY Endorses Ed Harrison, Hongbin Gu, Rachel Schaevitz, and Karen Stegman for Chapel Hill Town Council


The INDY Endorses Lydia Lavelle for Carrboro Mayor

The INDY Endorses Barbara Foulhee, Jacquelyn Gist, Sammy Slade, and Randee Haven-O’Donnell for Carrboro Board of Aldermen


The INDY Endorses Tom Stevens for Hillsborough Mayor

The INDY Endorses Kathleen Ferguson and Jenn Weaver for Hillsborough Town Council


The INDY Endorses James Barrett, Joal Hall Broun, Mary Ann Wolf, and Amy Fowler for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

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