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Whatever, Coach


It did not matter whether or not Coach Krzyzewski stayed on to coach the Duke basketball team, even to a North Carolina fan like me. Call it a win-win situation because on paper Carolina has the better team for next season and will surely crush any combination of players Krzyzewski can put on the floor.

Although he often makes for great entertainment, this played out too dramatically.

With Coach Krzyzewksi officially turning down the Los Angeles Lakers' gaudy but sincere offer, there was pseudo-mayhem at Duke University--straight off the set of an unfortunate Jaws sequel: camera crews panning up and down five-story Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center and over to the window of Krzyzewski's third-story office.

One could even imagine the relief of those who had been staring at their future without the taskmaster. Think of assistant coach Wojohowski engaging Krzyzewski before he officially met the press.

"Looking good, K."

"Feeling good, Wojo."

It was a power play, whether Krzyzewski intended to create the ruckus or not. Sports pages across the country worked every angle of the story over the weekend. And on Monday morning ESPN.com even debated whether or not he was the best coach ever--in any sport.

The Los Angeles Times' Bill Plashke predicted that Krzyzewski's brush with the Lakers will further his legacy more than any future trip to the Final Four. By not going to L.A. he will cement his legacy, Plashke said.

Why was the media so worried about his legacy in the first place? Coach K would have been crazy to go. He milks a fat contract at Duke. It's not L.A. money, but there's nothing like a lifetime contract.

To his credit, in one PR move Coach K improved the standing of college basketball. Sorry Kobe. By spurning the most glamorous job in professional basketball, Krzyzewski can tell high school kids that he was able to turn down the NBA.

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