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Weird Al Yankovic

When: Sun., Oct. 9, 7 p.m. 2011

The Durham Performing Arts Center is an elegant venue that has welcomed a schedule of icons, from Dolly Parton and John Prine to B.B. King and Leonard Cohen. In his own oddball fashion, Weird Al Yankovic fits: If he isn't the senior statesman of pop music satire, who is? In high school, he impressed Dr. Demento, whose radio show was sort of his own generation's Adult Swim. That led to Weird Al's subsequent success simultaneously parodying and impressing the Knack with "My Bologna." He's done the same for several generations of hits, embracing and exaggerating the absurd. Weird Al's latest, Alpocalypse, fits his pattern of gee-golly absurdity. "Another Tattoo" profiles an illustrated dude whose ink includes "a minotaur pillow fighting with Satan" as Boba Fett plays clarinet. The clever closer, "Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me," encapsulates the most awful aspect of social networking. "I just can't believe you believe those urban legends," he opines, "but I have high hopes someone will point you toward Snopes." Tickets for this 7 p.m. spectacle run $61–$65. Yes, he can play all hell out of an accordion, but yes, that's a lot of money. —Corbie Hill

Price: $61-$65

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