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Wednesday, September 5

Maggi Grace
  • Maggi Grace

REGULATOR BOOKSHOP—Right on the heels of Sicko, local author Maggi Grace has come out with a book concerning her experience with health care in the U.S. and abroad. State of the Heart: A Medical Tourist's True Story of Lifesaving Surgery in India, details how she and her partner, Howard Staab, decided to search for health care abroad after discovering that he required life-saving heart surgery. The price for surgery and related bills was estimated at $200,000 at Durham Regional Hospital, but the price for treatment in India was approximately $10,000. Grace will be at the Regulator Bookshop at 7 p.m. to discuss and sign copies of her new book. Call 286-2700 or visit for more info. —Ashley Roberts

Chapel Hill
LOCAL 506—There's a bit in the first CD by comedian Neil Hamburger when he lets the crowd know the show is being recorded, though up to that point, they have booed or chilled him with silence. This showbiz factor of irony gives Hamburger an Andy Kaufman-esque surrealism—and laughs, even if they're uncomfortable ones. The crowd perks up, guffawing at the same stale lines he's been launching as pachinko games tinkle in the background. Then, one fame-starved knucklehead rushes the stage, knocks bad-tuxedoed Hamburger from his perch and screams, "Metallliccaaaa!" With Pleaseeasaur at 9 p.m. for $8. —Chris Toenes


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