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Wednesday, October 24

Tony Furtado
  • Tony Furtado

HIDEAWAY BBQ—An incredibly versatile and gifted player, Furtado's instrumentals are enthralling without being showy. He won national banjo competitions in his early 20s and recorded several albums of bluegrass. Then he became interested in Ry Cooder and slide guitar, incorporating that into his repertoire during the late '90s. Recently, he's moved further in a rock direction, adding vocals and songwriting to his act. He hones the eclectic blend on his latest, Thirteen. Pay $10 at 8:30 p.m. —Chris Parker

THE BREWERY—The term melodic hardcore is a bit of a paradox, and only a handful of bands successfully combine the two elements—melody and hardcore—without making something that's just sort of bad. Modern Life is War, on tour in support of Midnight in America, tries valiantly and hits its mark half of the time. Jeffrey Eaton's growls and shouts lend the tunes an intensity reminiscent of Black Flag, so a comparison to a tamer Botch wouldn't be far off. Baltimore's Ruiner tags along. The 9 p.m. show costs $8-$10. —Dan Strobel


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