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Wednesday, May 3


Chapel Hill

Gallery Talk

Ackland Art Museum--The New Currents in Contemporary Art exhibition features four artists working with shockingly different techniques and aesthetics but determined to bend different sets of rules with the same force. The work of Natalie Larsen, for instance, tackles traditional Mormon patriarchy and attempts to subvert it with portraits of people like Brigham Young and Lorenzo Snow, all in ultra-stark color. Wan Yu Wendy Chien's work (pictured) pits Chinese cultural icons against those of the Western world, begging unanswered questions about their cooperation or competition, while Zeynep Cagla Alkan challenges the idea that a photograph cannot be powerful if it is staged. Lauren Rosenthal's minimalist work explores parallels between alternate circuitry--physiological, neural, geographical, botanical and otherwise. The artists gather for a free talk at 12:30 p.m. today.


Logical Sound Discovery

Slim's--The final day of LSD's five-day trip at Slim's should be splendidly bright and outwardly bound. For more on the therapeutic effects of this local additive, see

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