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Wednesday, May 3


Chapel Hill

Eef Barzelay

Local 506--Eef Barzelay has an interesting geographical pedigree: The frontman of quirky indie favorites Clem Snide, Barzelay was born in Israel and raised in Europe but now bases his rock camp in Nashville. His songs are more interesting than those of most of the penmen normally associated with Nashville, too: Tragic and funny, Barzelay writes about trying to be crazy without going crazy in a world already insane with its own quest for normalcy. The songs on his recent solo entrée, Bitter Honey, sound a bit like John Darnielle and read a bit like The Mountain Goats' best work, too. That said, they're big, entrancing, open-ended curios rife with wry sincerity and well-played smarts. Erie Choir and American Aquarium open the show at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $8-10.
--Grayson Currin

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